Matt makes his living as a musician by utilizing his various musical skills. Teaching up and coming musicians is one skill he quite enjoys. Having previously taught in the University and Performing Arts School settings, he now teaches primarily from his home studio and ONLINE LESSONS.
    Matt is not just another "piano instructor." He teaches piano, theory, composition and the art of notation/engraving. Having taught private lessons since 1977, his teaching encompasses the Classical, Jazz and Popular Music literature. From beginners to advanced, he uses a multiple-key approach, as well as traditional middle-C method books.

Philosophy of Teaching
Matt says: “My philosophy of teaching music embraces the Classical literature, but is more inclusive of other styles as well—Jazz, Popular, Gospel, etc. I like to teach my students to be ‘functional’ musicians.
    It is important that the student not only learn to read the written language of music, but also that they not be limited by it. I teach chordal understanding in whatever literature we’re working on. In addition, learning to play EXACTLY what’s written is then supplemented by ADDING notes or rhythms.”

Benefits of Study
Studying with Matt allows students to benefit from the wealth of his knowledge. His instruction draws from a wide range of musical expertise, as a pianistcomposerarrangerengraveraccompanistadjudicatorrecording artistchurch music directorvocal choir directorworship band leaderhandbell choir directorstudio musicianconcert promoterpublisher, etc.
    Being such a versatile and organized musician, Matt brings more than simply learning to play the piano to the teaching experience, but also helps students see the bigger musical picture, including real world applications with their music.

Professional Affiliations
• Nationally Certified Teacher of Music [NCTM]
• Music Teacher’s National Association [MTNA]
• Florida State Music Teacher’s Association [FSMTA]
• Broward County Music Teacher’s Association [BCMTA]
• American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers [ASCAP]

Tutoring Services
Many students enrolled in high school or college level courses seek out Matt’s help for their classes in:
    • Theory
    • Ear Training
    • Harmonic Analysis
    • Part Writing
    • Rhythmic Understanding
Matt’s approach in explaining not only the technical stuff, but also what’s REALLY going on has proven beneficial to many students through the years. Let Matt help you in your understanding and application in these areas.

Contemporary Christian Music
Most current Contemporary Christian music is written in a “lead sheet” format…which leaves many traditionally trained musicians unclear how to utilize the score.
    As Music & Worship Arts Director, Matt leads the church Worship Band from the keyboard, playing from those lead sheets. Matt teaches students how to translate the minimally outlined scores into functional playing.
    Whether playing with a Worship Band or leading these songs from a keyboard or piano, the style of playing is different. Let Matt help train you in this skill set.

Church Hymns
The art of playing traditional hymns for church services is a valuable skill set to develop. As a preacher’s kid, Matt grew up playing hymns for church.
    Matt now teaches students how to not just read and play the four part harmony written in a hymnal, but to see and embellish the chords being used. This will lead to “thickening up” the harmonies…helping to lead the congregational singing.
    Eventually, seeing and thinking the chords will lead to a greater ability to do “fills”…then secondary melodic lines…and, eventually much more comfort to “improvise” on top of the written notes.

Teaching Old Folks
Just wanted to get your attention...;-)
    People who fall into the more “mature” category have a special opportunity to finally learn to play the piano and play the songs they want to learn.
    Many parents and grandparents of my younger students say, “I wish I hadn't stopped lessons when I was a kid” or “I’ve always wanted to learn to play.” Thankfully, learning to play the piano is not an age related skill.
    Matt teaches students of ALL ages, so consider letting him help YOU fulfill your life long dream!

Recreational Music Making
Senior adults taking music lessons is now called “Recreational Music Making.” Placing an emphasis on personal goals and literature, the benefits often improve their quality of life by building self esteem, reducing loneliness and encouraging creative expression.
    Matt teaches students of ALL ages, so consider letting him help YOU fulfill your life long dream!


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