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Matt Johnson Music

Welcome to the Matt Johnson Music Studio, featuring private instruction for piano, keyboard, theory, composition, music notation/engraving. Lessons take place in my sunny South Florida studio locations or ONLINE LESSONS are available via Skype or FaceTime. The following will serve as a basic guideline during our work together. If you ever have questions, please speak with me directly…to avoid miscommunications.
You may always reach me at:


Once accepted into the Studio, I will reserve a mutually agreed upon lesson time for you for the entire Session. I use a two Session system…School Session and Summer Session…with breaks in-between Sessions and during the December holidays.


In fairness to all students, lessons begin and end on time. Please ARRIVE no earlier than five (5) minutes before your lesson time. Upon arrival, please knock and enter quietly, take off your shoes, silence your phones, wash your hands and sit on the front bench until your lesson. PARK in the driveway or around the cul-de-sac, making sure to not block another driveway. Do not park on the street immediately in front of the house, since that creates a bottleneck situation for the neighbors. Also, please keep your fingernails short by cutting them weekly…you play on the tips of your fingers!


You are responsible for the entire Session, which will be divided into monthly payments—due at the first lesson each month. I'll email each student an invoice at the end of each month that will be due the following week (first lesson of the month). Lessons are one hour each at the rate of $60/lesson.

Missed lessons will not be made up. I reserve your lesson time in my teaching schedule, so please make it a priority to be there. If an advance conflict arises in your schedule, please let me know and I will try to swap lesson times with another student within the same week. Please remember that you are financially responsible for all scheduled lessons during a Session. If I should be absent due to illness or a professional commitment, students will be notified and appropriately credited.


At the end of the School Session, the Studio will put on a public recital.

All music must be memorized and participation is mandatory.


Students should be prepared for each lesson, having put in as much practice time as needed to accomplish the assignments and musical goals set at each lesson.