“Thank you for presenting your workshop Lead Sheets…Connecting the Dots at the 2013 TMTA Convention! The feedback about your session was very specific—it was one of the most helpful sessions presented!
Karen Wallace, TMTA President
2013 TMTA Convention
Texas Music Teachers Association

“It was unanimously agreed that your presentation The Limits of Musical Notation—Think Like a Composer was a highly professional event, well organized and well presented. Attendees came away from the session with valuable information that they could incorporate in their teaching. Thanks for being a part of the big show and every best wish for the coming year.”
Donald Waxman, Chair
2012 FSMTA Annual Conference
Florida State Music Teachers Association

“We wanted to thank you again for giving such a wonderful presentation to the Miami Music Teacher’s Association…we all enjoyed it so much. We are looking forward to trying out some of your ideas with our students!
Miami Music Teachers Association

“I wanted to let you know that both my kids were very excited after your Lead Sheet workshop. My daughter, who had not done a workshop with you before, was very impressed and amazed at how much she learned. She said you were very knowledgeable, and a great teacher. Thanks!
Joe T.

“Many thanks for a very engaging and insightful program! Something to offer the seasoned as well as the less experienced teacher…a satisfying and quality accomplishment.
Palm Beach County Music Teachers Association

“A million thanks for your presentation (to the Palm Beach County Music Teachers Association). Love your sense of humor—and, I’m taking home lots of ‘golden nuggets!’
    It was a great morning! I heard many compliments on your presentation and I took lots of notes…shared a few things with my students already! Looking forward to seeing and hearing you again, very soon!”

Rhonda D.

“I am truly grateful for your presentation. You made the information we all know more useful and appealing! Thanks to your presentation, my students have a different view at theory—it is a rewarding combination of theory knowledge and piano playing.
Irena K.

“An important concept that I learned in Matt’s workshop was the reharmonization of chords. Understanding the process of selecting which chords to use makes helping students learn to accompany a melodic line more effective!
Mary Beth P.

“I really enjoyed your workshop! You did a wonderful job leading everyone through the lead sheets information and how to improvise. Many great improvisers are horrible at teaching how it is done, but you manage to do it all!!! Congratulations!
Joy B.

“I’m 49 years old and have been taking piano lessons for around 10 years. I just completed the Connecting the (Musical) Dots…Workshops and voilà—the light went on. While these workshops are geared towards intermediate to advanced music students, I wish this material was presented to me years ago. I feel I would be much further along in my studies.

    Matt’s understanding and ability to teach musical concepts lifted the mystery for me. Let’s face it—I’m no spring chicken—and can only spare so much time a day to practice, so it’s essential I make the most out of each time I sit down at the piano. No more just going through the motions.
    I now have quality, thoughtful practice sessions. I know my progress has exponentially increased…and so has my inspiration. Thank You, Matt”

Joe V.

“While I was only able to study with Matt for a short time, what I learned was far more than what I would have ever expected. He opened up new worlds for me. I found his style of teaching to be both effective and motivational. As a result of what I learned from Matt, I was the only freshmen accepted for my high school jazz band—which is one of the best in the state. I am the lead pianist and more musically educated than anyone else in the band. With Matt’s lessons, I have became more advanced than many older and more experienced musicians.
Tony T.

“We both loved the classes! It provided a different perspective which we thought was very beneficial. (My student) looked forward to all of the workshops! Thanks so much.
Kit M.

“(My daughter) enjoyed your workshops. She said it was fun and interesting. I feel that you have helped her to make some connections between the theory that she knows and the “how to apply it” to make her own music.
Carole R.

“Your Workshop was the bridge to a higher level for my daughter in her musical studies. She now is practicing her chords and trying to use them more in the songs she plays. I thought the instruction was well-planned and taken to a new level for my daughter to understand. The colorful and eye-catching charts helped keep my daughters attention. You did an excellent job explaining the subject matter and we hope to participate in another one of your workshops again.
Dan S.

“I enjoyed your Connecting the (Musical) Dots…Workshops last summer. I loved the presentation with the graphics!! As a pianist in my 7th year of classical training, I never fully ‘connected the dots’ until I attended your workshops. You’ve taught me how to recognize chord patterns in my classical music and how to practice smarter not harder! You also taught me to think outside the box and improvise. You explained things very well. Thank you!!!”
Jordan M.

“I especially liked the Lead Sheets Workshop because it helped me to understand and read chords better. I learned a lot of different chords that I didn’t know even existed. The Lead Sheets Workshop ‘connected the dots’ for me because now I can read chords and make music with them. The presentation was definitely not boring and the neon colored graphics kept my attention the whole time.”
Jessica R.



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