As a musician, Matt makes his living by utilizing his various musical skills.

Please contact him for assistance with your musical needs.

~ Music Lessons—private one-on-one music instruction
~ Accompanying—any instrument, any voice, any style
~ Accompaniment Tracks—for auditions or rehearsals
~ Elegant Cocktail Piano Music—for your special event
~ Wedding Ceremonies—organ or piano

~ Wedding Receptionscocktail piano music, or with an ensemble
~ Music Notation, Engraving and Transcriptions
~ Adjudicating—judging for Festivals and Competitions
Performance Preparation—evaluations / critiques before your event

~ Commissioned Works

Matt teaches private one-on-one lessons in piano, composition, theory and the art of notation/engraving. Having taught private lessons since 1977, Matt's teaching encompasses the classical, jazz and popular music literature. From beginners to advanced, he uses a multiple-key approach, as well as traditional middle-C method books.
     Matt says: “My philosophy of teaching music embraces the classical literature, but is more inclusive of other styles as well—jazz, popular, gospel, etc. I like to teach my students to be ‘functional’ musicians. It is important that the student not only learn to read the written language of music, but also that they not be limited by it. I teach chordal understanding in whatever literature we’re working on. In addition, learning to play EXACTLY what’s written is then supplemented by ADDING notes or rhythms.”

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Matt is well-known as a sensitive and expert accompanist!

He can read from either traditional scores or lead sheets.
~ Classical, Popular or Jazz
~ Professional or Amateur
~ Recitals, Concerts or Private Performances
~ Vocalists, Instrumentalists and Choirs

~ Church Services—Traditional and Contemporary
~ Adjudicated Competitions

If you need an accompanist, contact Matt.

Singers and Instrumentalists: If you need an accompaniment track made for your next audition or performance, Matt can custom record whatever you need. Transposing as needed—shortening or lengthening pieces as needed.
    This is ideal for rehearsals prior to your performance or for auditions when a “live” accompanist is not available.

Contact Matt for accompaniment tracks.

Having been the “house pianist” at a Hilton in Boston for 12 years, Matt has developed a unique mix of Standard and Original tunes that he seamlessly weaves together to create very elegant cocktail music.
    As a working musician, he has played numerous functions (gigs)—as a solo pianist or with a small ensemble—i.e., private house parties, wedding receptions, corporate functions, etc. Contact Matt if you need background music for your event.



In his capacity as Director of Music for the last 30 years at multiple churches, Matt's played close to 500 wedding ceremonies on organ or piano, per the preference of the bride. If you need an organist or pianist for YOUR special date, contact Matt.

Matt can play elegant cocktail music for your guests while the wedding party is taking pictures or before guests are seated for dinner…before the DJ or Band begins.
    If you are looking for something different for your wedding reception—instead of a band—Matt often plays receptions with a small ensemble. NOT Top 40 music and not heavy dance music, but very "classy" instrumental renditions of Standards and Originals.



Turn your music into a professional laser-printed score, complete with an encapsulated pdf score for online sharing and promotion.
~ Would you like to have your music written out in traditional music notation?
~ Have you written some music but don't know how to write it out?
~ Would you like to sit down to play the piano, have every note recorded and then turned into a score you could give to friends or send to a publisher?
~ Do you already have a great MIDI studio, but don't have the notation skills to do the lead sheet or full score? Matt can create:
~ Lead Sheets
 • from an audio recording of your performance
 • from your hand-written scores
 • from a standard MIDI file
~ Piano Scores
~ Vocal and Choral Scores
~ Full Orchestral Scores and Parts



Matt has done computer-based musical notation and engraving work for many publishers, including:
~ FJH Music Company
~ Crown & Covenant Publications
~ National Music Publishers
~ Dolce & Nuit Productions
~ Great Commission Publications
~ Lifeway Christian Resources


If you've composed a piece and can play it on the piano, Matt can record your performance via his MIDI keyboard directly into the computer and “capture” every note you play. Or simply email him a MIDI file you've recorded on your own keyboard. He can then transcribe your music into a brilliant, ready to publish score.



[judging Festivals and Competitions]
Matt is kept very busy judging various music Festivals and Competitions throughout the United States. His musical objectivity and encouraging comments has kept him sought after each season. Let Matt adjudicate your next event.



Performers now have the possibility to be heard, evaluated and critiqued by someone other than their primary teacher. Online sessions provides a wonderful opportunity to have a "dress rehearsal" and glean helpful insights from another set of ears—a performer and teacher who regularly adjudicates Competitions and Festivals.


A great solution for students to gain a second opinion. Keep your primary teacher and book an ONLINE Performance Evaluation. Invite your teacher to be present...for additional insights.




Contact Matt for an ONLINE Performance Evaluation

~ also available at Matt's Studio location ~

Throughout his career as a composer, Matt has received numerous “commissions” to create musical works—orchestral, small ensemble, solo piano, vocal and choral works. He continues to enjoy creating specific music to meet your personal requests.

Commission Matt to create a special piece of music for you.


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